What kendama should I get?

I have a tribute and it chips super easily and I had to repaint the tama but I don’t like the way it looks and when yoyoexpert sent it to me it had a big dent in the base cup and now that piece is chipped off so I need a new kendama. I want one that doesn’t chip easily and it’s paint stays pretty intact. I’m not bad at kendama I can do tricks like spacewalk to handroll to spike and one turn lighthouses so I don’t really want a beginner kendama. Also how is the new sweets focus? I wanted to get one but I don’t know if it will chip or won’t be able to do lighthouses or balance tricks.


Why not?

I suggest the Bahama Grand
Tricks made easy, and is large and has a light weight. Makes long time play much less fatiguing.

The new atack is nice you could also check out blk kendamas on their site they are awesome


It’s all about those Ozora’s. Sooo good

I got my attack u der a month ago and the pant is coming off already.