Good sticky kendamas

I have 2 yomega kendamas, and lighthouses don’t really suit so well. What kendamas are able to do those really awesome balance tricks?

The Yomega Pro Kendama(wood) isn’t that great. BUT, if you strip the paint and re-paint it(spray paint works best from the hardware store) and then a clear satin over-coat(another kind of spray), it helps a bit. Other than that, I find bare wood isn’t too bad. Most paints though are just too slick, which is why those lighthouses are tougher to stick.

YYE carries the Tributes with the signature models being sticky, and the Sweets with their “aTACK” series that are tacky.

I think my Kendama USA Pro model has a bit stickier paint than my Sweets Atack but both are easier to do lighthouse with than a non-sticky paint tama I have.

I understand applying beeswax to your tama will make it temporarily sticky.