"sticky" kendamas?

so i have a tribute natural kendama…i can land on a lighthouse but even if i set it up there perfectly still it slips off…is there a certain kind of finish i want for a “stickier” surface?


KenUSA 2013 ProModels
Sweets aTack
Sweets Matte Marble

The finish on these makes balance tricks 10X easier.

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Wow, 10 times easier! I decided not to get a Kendama with a tacky tama.
I think I’ll get better when I can land tricks on a normal finish one.

10 times for sure. The only balance trick I can land on my slippery tamas is a basic pull up lighthouse. I can pull off 1-turn lighthouses, airplane to half-turn lighthouses, and lunars on my sticky tamas.

Are they available before or are they innovations on tamas?

You gotta watch out because some of the tacky/sticky tamas are considered cheating and now allowed in competition. If you’re just using one for fun that’s ok, but one shouldn’t go around showcasing their mad skillz with a sticky tama.

When I finish my square ken, I think balance tricks should be a breeze, sticky finish or not. :wink:

yah im just looking for fun haha

I’ve got a chameleon sweets and it is very slippery, seems impossible to do lighthouses. I feel like I should get something a little more sticky while still being competition legal.