Just some art I drew

just some art I drew one day when I was bored.
yes that is what you think it is. Kudos to Brandon Jackson.

Looks good.

thanks. :slight_smile:

Nice! Draw some more! ;D


thanks maybe I will. this is based on the Throw 2008 cover art which I like.


Woah, Neat!

thanks! that means a lot coming from you.

k why are all you soo adictid to yoyoing that you have to draw about it i mean yoyoing is a hobby but have you ever gone to camp pendleton, california and played paintball, you should try it, i mean no one is that bored that they have to go and draw about yoyoing, there are plenty of things to do, listen to music, watch the funny stuff on youtube by shanedausontv (its a channel on youtube) ya… mabye ill attach a camra to my paintball gun and put a vid up (just never draw about yoyos)

yoyoman, don’t let him bother you. Some people simply like yoyoing more then others. You may not draw about yoyos, but he does - So what? I think you should probably focus more on yourself then others. Also, whos to say he doesnt do things? Unless you watched him on a daily basis (uh oh) then you probably wouldnt know.

Also, puntuation helps for those long sentences. :wink:

Oh sorry if I offended anyone I just personally think that there are a lot more that one thing in life to enjoy, who are you to comment on my grammer, I dont care, as you might have seen before Ive already said that were not writing an essay. I mean what the F!?**?!*

If you don’t care, then why did you make an effort to improve your grammar slightly?

I didnt not at all didn’t you notice how I am not using apostrifies

I said you improved it, not perfected it.

I never said you were writing an essay. I never told you to improve your grammar. I simply informed you that punctuation helps. Common sense if a friend :wink:

Yoyoman, I love your drawing. I like to draw too. I drew pictures of yoyoers to put in a book I made for my niece. I like to work with clay also, and one of my favorite things to make is a butter bug, based on bug characters in one of my favorite books. I think you should do what makes you happy. Your drawing makes me happy.

Oh, your a bad boy…

You don’t even know how long that made me laugh :smiley: :smiley:

I feel like a newtered hamster

Please try to use grammar, it makes it easier to understand. It took me ten seconds to read like 3 words of your writing.