Just need a little advice

Lately, whenever I do just about anything that starts with a split bottom mount, my yoyo (Darkmagic) keeps spinning to the right and dying out. I am not sure why. Can anyone help me? If I need to, I will post a video just to show you what I am talking about. Just ask me if you want to see it.

     Thank you; kpllk.

This sounds like tilting. This is probably caused by the strings oushing into the sides of the yoyo. I believe André says in plenty of his videos that one should try to keep the string dead center of the yoyo. This can be fixed by pushing the strings towards the other side of the yoyo (the side the yoyo isn’t tilting towards). Here’s a video of it:

Hope I could be to any help.

Thank you for the video. It really helped a lot.

Also, I would practice your sleeper and entrance into the Split Bottom Mount. If you have your finger tilted, it may guide the yoyo into the gap, but it will probably make the string hit the sides. So, I would just let the yoyo go up on its own and not force it. Just remember to keep your finger as parallel to the ground at first then it will just naturally come and you won’t have to worry about it later. :wink: