just got my shutter yoyo and its different


i started with the fast 201 and then got the velocity and now i got my new shutter splash
and its very different… does it take a lot of time to get used to it, or should i cahnge something?


You’ll get used to it, going to metal from plasric is a bit of a change

(YoYoStringLab) #3

Yeah, first metal can have a different feel, especially going from the plastics that you mention to the refined shutter. Your hands will quickly adjust and if you were to not use the plastics for a while and focus solely on the Shutter, they would feel a little weird switching back to them.


anything i can to ?
cuz i am trying to learn new tricks and it’s not going too well

what should i train at?

(major_seventh) #5

Just do what you’ve been doing. It’ll come :slight_smile:


Ya do u like it though got the same yoyo love it


As long as the shutter is performing better, you’re doing fine.