Just FUN tricks


What are some of the tricks you like that are just really fun to do.  One of my favorites is I learned the upsidedown Eli hops in jensens 2010 freestyle

It’s here around 0:50

(Owen) #2

I haz an inappropriate one for you guyz.

Well, the name is inappropriate. I’ll get a video soon


Fun trick.

Also, for those like me who HATE IT when people post mobile links:

Fun tricks to do are leg wrap trap as fast as you can…variations of Asian Pops…tons of my own tricks (that I’ve made up)are based around fun and looking fun, not how good they actually are. Meh.


Haha. I think I know what you’re talking about. The M.D.T, right? I could never figure that one out…


I had to make up my own version :confused:


Fun tricks? Just start throwing suicides. as fast as you can. I do a 1.5 mount, suicide, land into a 1.5 again, then a 1.5 drop suicide, then throw it over to a drop suicide trapeze, then a nother suicide to an over arm suicide, and just keep going. Its just fun!



Grinds, whips, and slacks.


I love that one.


I call it private pickle pops, lol
Or something like that. lol. never the original name.


Trapeze and his brother slack revolutions.




I just started trying to learn that a couple hours ago, it’s fun when it works, but I keep shooting the yoyo over my hand before the slack comes all the way around and end up in a wrist mount (which is actually pretty cool too).


haha I love your face when you end the trick.