What are some tricks you really want to learn?

Just curious. I’m trying to figure out circular eli hops right now.
I also really want to learn a trick by nate sutters.

Any of Zach Gormley’s tricks. His style is amazing.

All of them… 8)

Seriously though, I’d like to learn the Bee Sting 5a trick, it looks awesome!

Yukki slack, its one of those tricks I have never been able to get down.

one of jensens.

Yuuki slack and asian pops

Oh yeah, I’ve been trying to learn ‘ghost’ for a while now. I’m stuck at a certain part.

I am really knew to yoyos so I don’t know many tricks yet mostly just the basic ones ad a couple of intermediate ones. so really any trick I haven’t learned or ones I am still trying to learn.

GT Eli Hops…so hard!!

Ghost, Jensen’s Signature Combo

Most of all: Circular Eli Hops. Just looks cool and I aim to entertain

Figure 8

I just want to learn nice and smooth horizontal tricks

I want to learn Boin-e-Boing, but on a combination like 30-40 times one after another not 2-3 times like I do it…

shoot the moon is also kicking my butt.

360 Eli hops (I can almost get them) and paranoia by Jake bullock (probably my favorite trick of all time), go look it up kiddies to see real yoyoing

Variations of Eli Hops, Lacerations, and general stuff not in the “learn” section of YYE.

reverse brent stole


Really helped me a lot!!!

Stop-and-go gt

Any of those tower lacerations!