What are some Eli Hops type tricks I could learn?


im pretty stuck on the ladder, so im asking for a new trick tutorial. im looking to try an eli hops type trick. some fast, simple tricks would be appreciated too! (see skin the gerbil, mcbride roller coaster, kwijibo) thanks!


just learned asian hops and loving it, and people go “OMG” and “how the explicit do you do that?” looking for a new form of the trick!

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Asian hops, behind the back eli hops, and then there’s just doing eli hops at a bunch of different angles. Kwijibo is also sort of eli hoppish in my opinion.


thanks, and i got kwijibo already :wink: ill youtube asian hops!


and do you guys thinks its ok to skip all the grinding tricks and a lot of the yye tuts and just learn other tricks? i dont feel “right” and “complete” skipping a bunch of tricks. i probably will go back to them though (except the grind tricks). also I CANT DO WHIPS! any tips? ive been trying iron whip for like 3 months, im not getting any better :frowning:


On Iron whip, well first, check string tension.
Next thing is don’t rush it. I mean don’t pop the yoyo then go swinging like a mad man. Just relax and swing it normally. I’ve been hurt a lot of times due to whipping like crazy.

Next is when you can practice the whipping motion on a dead (not spinning) yoyo.
Just hold one half of the yoyo with your nonthrowhand then practice whipping the yoyo into the gap.

Also, when your doing the actual iron whip, you might need to lower the whipping hand / throw hand to compensate for the falling yoyo.

When you are having a really hard time with Iron whip, try jade whip first. Some find it easier some don’t.


after a half day of practicing, i learned asian hops!!! i cant belive i learned it already. a new fav trick! Thanks!


Iron whip is easy , i can’t believe you took 3 months and can’t do it , just practice doing it easy and make sure your string tension is 0% because “spaghetti” can sometime ruins most whipping tricks


I am very uncomfortable with comments such as this one. There is no encouragement or assistance to be found in a phrase such as this, only denigration and deflation of another’s endeavors in learning new tricks. Fortunately I believe supbreh1234 is resilient enough to not be crushed by such undo criticism. Easy or not, I for one continue to struggle with landing whips. I don’t think they’re easy at all.

Let’s be careful to be certain our remarks only encourage and teach others how to improve. Things like “I can’t believe you can’t…” is derogatory and insulting and really just not very nice.


Uhhhh… let’s make this clear okay , i’m not trying to be insulting or despice anyone or anythings . Do you thinks of the possibility that i’m just being suprise or more like a jokes ???

Yes , i do find my comments may have been a bit rude to says and i’m sorry if ever offence the writer of this topic .

Yes , i know that to other people that’s some tricks maybe hard to learn by and can be frustrating .

But do you even read the next sentences of my comment at all ???


You know who doesn’t have to apologize for sounding rude? People who take the time to not sound rude. Intention and inflection are impossible to read, as is humor. Not everyone can devote the time to yoyo practice that you do, Rakleon.


Thanks you ebilflindas , yes i know that there’s some people who doesn’t have alots or maybe even don’t had times to practicing yoyo at all .

But what i saying here’s is that my intentions was to make friends and helping other peoples out , not the opposite of it and surely that you can understand that , right ?


i always practice, at least 3 hours a day in fact. iron whip is just one of those tricks thats hard to learn (for me) alright? Ok, im done whining, im just looking for some tricks to learn Ok! we all good?

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I actually can’t do iron whip either… I can pull off follow with my eyes closed (half of the time ;)) but iron whip still eludes me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Learn Jade Whip, most people find that one or the other comes naturally: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/061-expert-jade-whip.html


Yeah , we’re good :smiley:


there are always things such as (if you like asain pops) micky pops/suzuki pops and 3d elihops


1.5 Eli Hops. It’s a personal favorite. :slight_smile:


I agree–1.5 hops are fun!
Here’s a good tut by awit:


I remember there’s a 1.5 Eli hops that shoot upward rights ? Man that tricks was soooo cool


Well my video is up everyone!