Speed trick tutorials

I hate tech yoyo tricks and although I’m not that fast I like speed tricks way more. What are the best tutorials out there for speed tricks like iori Yamaki and Jakub Dekan and other speed players do?

I’m also especially interested by all those variations on Eli hops that players like iori Yamaki does, are there any tutorials on those?

MrMatio on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/user/mrmatio

Learned all them haha

I believe it is time for you to make your own tricks young Padawan.

I do… but they suck. Also I make something up but I cant do it consistently so then I just forget about it. I really want to learn all those variations of eli hops out there but i cant find any tutorials. I also want to learn speed slack tricks similar to mrmatio’s slack trapeze combo (that one is awesome!). Im really not very creative so I have to rely on tutorials, and once in a while a good idea will pop into myhead.

Yotricks has a Gentry Stein Circular ElinHops tutorial :slight_smile:

Thanks, i already learned them though :slight_smile: but those are the types of tutorials I’m looking for

You know, I was just thinking, there’s probably tons of tutorials in different languages, but as I only know English I can’t find them. If anyone knows good tutorials in Japanese or something, and can give me something to copy and paste into youtube, that would be pretty cool.

Well,maybe its time to make yournown tricks.Dont be so critic on yourself saying that they suck,if speed is what you like,then make something simple and go fast.You cant learn from tutorials forever.The process of making a trick is like the one of learning one.First,you cant even land what you think you want,then,you begin to land it,and finally,it smoothens.And ,keep note that tricks change in the process.You never know what you will end up with.And again,dont be so critic on yourself,it destroys imagination (actually this is not sayed by me,but by specialists)
Maybe you can send us a video of the trick that you made,throught instagram?

That’s really great advice, thanks! I have been coming up with a lot of ideas actually, but since I can’t hit my own tricks consistently, I forget them. I really do have great ideas sometimes disregarding what I said before, but they just don’t stick as I can barely hit them and I also always tweak them and move on to new ideas which just leaves me in a pattern of barely fully creating a combo. I have two solid combos as of now, one I can hit ehh, the other I have yet to fully hit. My instagram is @yitzykevelson, I have one combo on it as of now if you want to check it out. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I spoke with Riccardo (Clyws Riccardo) and,he told me something that might help you,he allways records himself playing ,and,he also told me ,most of his tricks come up from mistakes.You dont need to film yourself everytime you throw,but,everytime you do something new,no matter what,record yourself.
Oh,filming tricks for instagram is a pain.I mean,i did one trick like 4 times in a row before i started recording,then,yeah,i got it again after 1 hour ,and when you finally hit it for instagram,it looks flow-less because you are exthaused :slight_smile:

Wow thanks that’s a good idea! I will definitely star doing that!That Instagram thing is so true though haha!