Just doing my duty of sharing any Norwegian video that's close to viral

Norwegian talk show hosts highlighting the fact that people never teach kids what a fox sounds like.


… I was just about to post this

HaruRay, this is for you!

There should be a yoyo trick called “What the fox?”

That was awesome…

I know this wasn’t the point of the thread, but foxes are canids (belonging to the canidae family, which consists of domestic dogs, wolves, coyotes, etc.). As such, they make similar sounds to dogs. Barks, howls, etc.

They actually go “yarp”

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Just gonna put in a 2 AM addition to this video before I hit the bed.

The song is produced by Norwegian producer duo Stargate, which might not say much, but the fact that they produced 10 number one hits in the US should at least say something.

The comedy duo had previously done a favor for Stargate, and asked them if they would produce a song about what the fox says. They obviously said yes, the result is delicious.

So, not a parody…

The song is still a joke.

What the fox say?

From the mouth of Ylvis:

/Sarcasm. It’s funny that people take it seriously.

Is it wrong that I like the song?

No, it’s pretty funny. Especially the chorus.

I’ve memorized the lyrics already because I’ve seen this so many times. I love how tue one dude says “quack”.

that was the most ridiculous and silly song ever!

That’s is so dumb it’s funny!

Election day in Norway tomorrow. The Green party just posted this to their twitter (loosely translated):

Do you also wonder what the fox says? We know

“Vote Green”

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This thing should be on US iTunes now, but I don’t know because of obvious reasons.

The talkshow has hit TV now. Their interviews aren’t that amazing, but they do some pretty funny videos. Yesterday they trapped people in IKEA exhibitions:


EDIT: The IKEA video was made private. So here’s an elevator prank instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3qEHt9mj4g