What does the fox say?

Has anybody here heard this song. If everyone says no, I will be extremely shocked. It is a great yoyoing to song and a really hilarious song all together.

Notice that Connor Scholten used it in his 4A at PA States.

Can somebody post the music video?

Did you know that “zorro” means “fox” in English? :o

They know our secret…


It depends on what language you are translating from. What language are you referring to?

He said he was dared to use it.

Thanks. Although, I meant the Music Video. I will reword that above.

Esperanto, of course!

(no, not really… Spanish…! I figured you already knew that; I was just being an arse)

Foxes are are in the family canidae. Since they are canids they bark, growl, and howl.


Okay, smarty. Thanks for the enlightenment.


I heard the song two on Spotify two days before they released the video, mostly because I’ve been a fan of the guys (Ylvis) since 2006.

There is a fan-driven channel (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw0By5_CpWcroquhsaNRIsg) with lots of subtitled clips of them, some dating many years back.


And this is why we don’t attempt to create pop songs out of recordings from mental hospitals.

Sebby rocked that song pretty well

I overheard his conversation. He said that he told Tony to pic a song for him. You know you’re a boss when you can get second without knowing your song.

Ok, I think by know this it has become the new gangnam style :smiley:
It was hip, know its just some video that I used to know

this is probably the best cover.

I never knew air horns were relatively close to on pitch.

Saturday Night Live ripped on it pretty good on Saturday.

Now it’s just some video that I used to know. Somebodyy. Now it’s just some video that I used to know.

I’m foxy ^-^

“Foxy M.Dev” my version of Jimi Hedrix’s “Foxy Lady”

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