Chase Baxter Nats Preview. (Language Warning)

I dont think its been shared on here yet so I’ll just this here…

Tricks look awesome, I LOL’d at the censored yoyo.

On a side note, language warning or not, thats a rough song…and I’m a sailor.

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Oh thanks, haha, I wasn’t going to post due to the language and wasn’t too thrilled about how the video came out

Wow dude! That’s some beast 5a! don’t be worried about Tyler severance beating you. :wink:
All he does is that spinny thing. I saw him at BLC and it was lame.

i am not a huge fan of the music, i do appreciate the warming that is a courtesy many forget on here.

good luck at nats.

what you actually meant.

cman will win tho

It’s not just that one guy there are plenty of people I see that do that and it just happens to be that particular video was loud and playing with kids real close, I would have died from embarrassment had I be around any of my black friends when that song was playing. So a little respect when using vulgar song choices is nice so I can watch the video just turn the volume off.

But I guess you just feel the need to stir the pot a little more huh? Sorry you see it as holding it against people that choose to use horribly vulgar songs with poor lyrics in their videos and someone say something not offering a content warming to let others know this isn’t safe if sensation situations…

Sorry to the OP for the digression!

I liked the trick at 57 seconds.