Zammy title

This is good stuff. Comments, criticism, etc. We just wanna hear what you think. Also, if your parents are in the room keep the volume down. There’s a bit of language.

Besides for great yoyoing:
The music contains profanity, which alot of users here seems to be allergic to. (The younger ones doesn’t really seem to care, its the older ones that really react)
And i thought it was a 2A-video.

You had a good point about the name. Fixed.


Much better!
I’m guessing Andrew is using his Irony Jp he used in his last vid?
What was that raw one?

Pretty much sums up everything i was going to say. I was a little disappointed it was not 2A, but the good trick elements made up for that.



Watching vids like this is what makes me want to keep at it. Pretty cool stuff.

0:08-0:13 was beautiful.

Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments. :slight_smile:

Hale yes


That was rad!