Ever had anyone say the wrong yoyo trick?

Read the title guys. It explains all.Anyways…once my lilttle brother saw me doing wormhole and he was like “WOAH YOUR DOING THE MOUSEHOLE!!!” and i’m like “what the heck is the mousehole?” He said “the trick ur doing” so I said you mean wormhole? He’s like “O yeah…”

Ever had that happen to you?

lol,this goth guy came up to me and said,’‘can you do the eyeball?’’?.I was confused

People don’t know about tricks in Norway :frowning:

One time someone asked me to do the race car…

people are always asking me to do Cats Cradle stuff. Cats cradle is completely different from yoyos.

Or ALOT of people will see me doing something like And Whut then they will ask if i can do walk the dog…its like :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

My friend was like

“Can you do the trick where you do the thing??”

… I hate that.

Random people say “Can you walk the dog!!!??!?!?”

See I don’t get that problem. People say stuff like: “Do the wildest thing you can” or “What’s your best trick”

is skin the cat a real trick? because i have been asked if i can do that

Said there, skin the Gerbil originated for Skin the Cat.

Someone told me to do the flying nun, and i asked “whats that?” their reply “you know…that trick where the yo yo spins around!”

This little kid asked me to do the “Superman” once, but I think he meant two consecutive “Around the Worlds”.

some kid asked me if i could do “Yakki Slack”

lol someone asked me to do the rocket, fireball and i cant remember anything else.

The sky rocket is a real trick. I dont know about the fireball but I do know its a yoyo.

Okay then cancel the rocket.

Fireball, i know its a yoyo, but someone said it was a trick :o

haha cats don’t walk much :o

Walk the cat is a backwards walk the dog. You wank forward, the yo-yo goes the other way.
Because cats never go where you want…

It’s a real trick, a Joke trick, but a real trick.
Superman is a trick also.

My daughters class like to challenge me.
“Do a Gopher” so I do something that looks like a gopher going into a hole
“Do Butterfly” so I do a modified version of my Twin Towers Moeb trick
Ice Cream Cone
Tea Cup
Some are real picture tricks, some are not.

Get creative, if your asked to do a trick, do it. even if you have to make it up the creativity gets flowing when your put on the spot.

You think that Yukki called Soiled Panties that becasue it looks like Soiled Panties? Probably not.

Lol maybe he was thinking about them while he was doing random tricks.

some kid asked me if i could make the yoyo move my shoes … he said that its from a TV show i was like IDK
??? ??? ??? ???

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