The DJ Greeford thread!

I will first tell the story behind DJ Greeford. In 2006 the Norwegian comedy duo “Ylvis” had a radio show. They had this one segment where they would call different dutch companies, then trying to achieve something on dutch while not knowing the language at all. They tried to book non-smoking hotel rooms, buy a bike, rent a boat, buying a bike, and haggling their way to free admission to the Anne Frank house . They used the alternate identity “Frank Greeford” for this.

For now, all you can do is follow DJ Greeford on Twitter ( and just spread the love of the Greeford (Pronounced “grayford” where the first R is guttural whilst the second is not).

DJ Greeford is aDutch man, producer of electronical music. Likes going to museums and most types of boats. He has had some very unconventional suregeries performed on his body and he can usually be observed riding around on his bike with a with various legal smokeables in one one of those carriages that are usually used for babies.

Ok. You are officially my new hero. I had my make a user here just to tell you how awesome you are. And i’m even writing it in the international language of English, so that everyone can read it, even though im norwegian.

You, my dear friend, are a genius. I am a huge fan of the Ylvis-brothers, and because of this I love Frank Greeford more than anything. When i saw your first tweet to Bård and Vegard, it made my day. I love the new track, its amazing. please make more. and please keep on being Frank Greeford. If you need any help at all in the character-design, don’t hesitate to ask.

You have already made huge fans in me and my friend. Keep it up!

(@tuvabaluba and @ulele93 @ twitter)