Just another yoyo video

Im getting a new yoyo so i made a list min. video with this one


Nice tricks, keep going. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

nice,but you could be smoother,and throw a breakaway too,no offence though

Yeah i’ve noticed that about my play. I usually throw at work and I don’t want to hit customers so I just throw a sleeper then turn to the side to make sure not to hit anyone, but i’m worknig on it.

Yup, you have good potential, but it would help if you throw breakaways. They can be stronger, flow better, and also can help you when the yoyo is tilting.

Btw, is that a metal zero? Or an x-convict?

X-convict, I love this yoyo but I am getting a new yoyo hopefully today!