Just a thought...OD/CLYW Novus box.

No rumor to start here…just thinking “aloud.”

Would anyone be interested in/excited about a OneDrop/CLYW Novus box?
( http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/251/One-Drop-Novus-Box )

I’m picturing something with another artistic collaboration w/ Jason Week. Seems like it would be a great little piece for collectors/enthusiasts of both makes.

I’m fairly naive to the history of the Novus box…but I really like the idea. If others of you are, and there aren’t any hurdles I’m unaware of…I think a nice thread here expressing interest would be great. And if there isn’t interest…that’s fine too. 'Cuz knowing is half the battle. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:



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We do actually have some on order - but this is also a great idea! May look into it. :wink:

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No. Not a good idea.

I think it’s a pretty cool idea.


I think it is a great idea… Maybe down the road they could do a special edition Summit with a Novus box both the same colorway… That would be REALLY cool!!!


I love that thing it fits right in a yoyo slot and is great quality to.

I want to get one they look really good

I was never terribly keen on them, until I played around with mgiroux77’s last weekend. They are sooo nice. Really significant in hand.

Considered based on their utility alone…they’re a terrible value. Based on their quality and aesthetic value…a couple will be must have for me now.

Custom/splash colors would be CRAZY nice…but I suspect the price could quickly get out of hand. It is, ultimately…a small round box. :smiley:


You could even paint it yourself its stainless steel so and most od the time in a case so you don’t need to worry about scratching and chiping paint

You guys know what would be cool? If CLYW and One Drop became one company just my personal opinion…

What is the point of a Novus box? Seems like a waste of $20.

Purple Nova Box Plz

No. How would amalgamation benefit these companies? And I prefer too keep my CLYW out of my One Drop (and vice versa) except for the occasional collab. I like them for different reasons.

I was kidding

its just a great place for your bearings and stuff

I see the need and would get one, but thinking about it $20 seems a bit much

But why $20 for it…
Get a little Tupperware container.


They are machined AL and anodized as well… They need to make some money off of them… I have two of them… One for SE’s and the other for string…