Who will make a Bi-Metal First? OneDrop or CLYW?

I have been wondering this for a while now. Every yo-yo company outside of the USA/Canada seems to have a Bi-metal offering. Who do you think will make one first; OneDrop or CLYW? I for one, would love to see what Chris (CLYW) could do in this format.

Pretty sure it’d be onedrop. I would bet they want to get it down before offering the service to others

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I think its one drop, but boy would a bi metal clyw be cool!

From what I’ve read/heard, the guys at CLYW have talked about it, but they don’t seem too interested in going for bimetals… I’m not sure if it would really fit their groove, or their vision and they are super big on that, which is a good thing. I could definitely see OneDrop doing it first, though either way it would cost a lot of money to produce, which means an even higher price for the customer and I don’t think either company is too keen on making throws THAT expensive


Considering OD machines CLYW’s stuff now, no matter which brand it is it’ll be OD that makes it :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry mr machinist but i cant read JAPANESE


I don’t know where the whole “One Drop is in Japan” thing started but I’m NEVER LETTING GO OF IT ha ha ha

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WHAT??!!! Ya mean to say that Onedrop is making yoyos in Japan???

Yes, it’s true; amazingly. One Drop is located in the very smallest town in the State. It’s actually not even a town. It’s more like a Village.

Japan Oregon. (Obvious ill attempt at low grade humor)

And; One Drop has already made a Bi-metal Yoyo. They just don’t want to crank up production until they are Perfect.

Shawn and David are well aware that there are already a few very nice Bi-metal yoyos out there.

…So when a Company is so well known for producing one Excellent Yoyo design after another; it would be pointless to ‘Rush out’ a Bi-metal; just because it seems to be the ‘new direction’ in performance yoyos.

You don’t make a good first impression on the second try.

So they will work out the kinks just like they did with the Markmont Classic. They will twist it around until they are Satisfied.

They don’t make Yoyos. They make Benchmark grade yoyos. It is their Standard Procedure.

They will keep a few cups of Ramen in the fridge at the Shop. < So there will be a little bit of Japanese ‘something’ in the building.

Every other factor and every other aspect; will be American.

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I believe that Onedrop-sama are already venturing into that territory:


But I don’t doubt it will be a while before it’s perfected.

If we’ve learning anything about Onedrop so far it’s that they take their time and do things right. Just because a yoyo is bi-metal doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be good (god-tricks Trump… I’m looking in your direction…). If you’re going to make a bi-metal, why not take the time to make something that’ll finally knock the mighty Draupnir off it’s plinth?

The Rally took 3 years, but the end result was worth the wait. I’ll have my wallet ready and waiting. :slight_smile:

Last time i heard, clyw was going to make the first yoyo out of a canadian donut

I wonder what the hand grind capabilities of that would be… or how long it would last.

Anyway bi-metals just don’t seem like clyw’s thing when i think clyw i think super solid full metals or the yeti… i just cant see clyw making a bi-metal.

Onedrop on the other hand yes… they push the bounds with every yoyo they make especially with the rally which is probably the most solid plastic yoyo with weight rings.
Plus Onedrop has the machines to do it not many companies have the machines or the backing to make a bimetal yoyo, but i feel that onedrop definitely could.

For every single CLYW product, whether it’s a return top or a sticker, the conversation starts like this:

Is this part of our story?

If we feel like it is (or should be) a legitimate way to keep telling the CLYW story, then we move forward. If it’s not, then regardless of how cool we think it might be or current market trends or whatever, we’re not going to do it.

We aren’t finished having that conversation about a bi-metal return top. Maybe this year it will be part of our story, maybe it won’t. But if we do it, it has to fit CLYW and the story that we’re telling.

A Bimetal from CLYW would be interesting, but I’d’ve more interested in seeing how it’ll fit the “outdoors” theme that CLYW has going. A Bimetal sounds really “industrial.” OR… The Bimetal story can somehow include Dirt Bag Yeti having a tragic accident that leads to him becoming a cyborg or something. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore xD


Donut yoyos were introduced a numbers of years ago on the currently inactive One Drop forum. No details were ever released but one prototype picture was leaked. Unfortunately, donut yoyos have a very limited lifetime, in practice…



Any stories being told about the strange and mysterious “Titanium Titan” that roams the wilds of the Yukon Territory? :slight_smile:

you guys have it wrong he is not talking about the story of the animals that the yoyos are named after he is talking about clyw’s obituary when they have left scene. He is talking about if someone was to search clyw in fifty years what their story would be and what they would be remembered for.