Just a small Proof


Note: i’m not asking for free yoyos in this thread , so please Vegabomb, don’t remove it… i just want it to stay for a while

here is a little video i made to prove that i’m an egyptian , for people who didn’t believe me …its rotated to the right… i forgot to fix that… but you can hear and see everything …


since the forum doesn’t allow helping others who can’t afford yoyos, i guess i’ts just meant for me not to ever own a yoyo … anyways, thanks for everyone who actually tried to help me :)…

I believe you, like I said I am always just cautious. And unless I am positive its legit, its a scam. Thats how I work

Also i think the sarcasm at the end wasnt needed, people were trying to help, and were going to

thank you for understanding :slight_smile: i swear i didn’t mean for it to be a sarcasm… i just wanted it to be a proof that’s all

Alright its all good. I am trying to buy a few yoyos right now and need money, but if I get them and nobody has helped you, I might be able to help

Thank you very much :)… i hope i can touch a real yoyo someday

I actually know a website where you can buy a yoyo for around $2.54 shipped from China, pm me for details.

you want to get into it lets go . You have it very good compared to a lot of people . There is poverty all over the world .you should see how many people in usa have nothing at all . No bed , tv , computer , no food . and I don’t hear them saying they hope there country burns . on that subject I would really like to know what your thoughts are on America , and American people ?

This is very unnecessary. All he wanted to do was provide evidence for his case. I know you are from Egypt, but doesn’t mean you can do this.

let’s try and keep the board civil. and post unrelated yo yo threads in the appropriate section…as long as they are civil.



partly cloudy…