Just a quick PSA

Please do not ask for delivery confirmation signature confirmation when shipping a yoyo. All it does is create an inconvenience for someone who thought they would be receiving a new throw that day. Only use it if the buyer/trader specifically requests it. Thank you!

EDIT: Signature, not delivery


I don’t understand…

I think he means he wants people to stop using signature on delivery shipping services. I don’t really see the problem with it though. I’d rather the minor inconvenience of having to pick up a parcel from the post office than have it stolen from my front door.


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Oh, the signature thing… yeah, I can see how it could be annoying, and it’s something I’ve never used, but I could see how it would be good if you lived in apartments or somewhere that your package would be sitting outside for extended periods of time with a valuable item(s) inside.

I’ve never had this happen to me. But I agree that it would be annoying.

Something I think that is worse is when you get a little slip in the mail saying you owe like $0.75 for your package because they didn’t put enough on the package to ship it. That irritates me.

Actually, Evan, I think your post should have been directed more towards people that may be trading ‘with you’. And not addressing the Entire viewing community, because ‘it bothers you’.

I fully agree with Yuki. Some people don’t just want mailmen to leave stuff laying around the front door.

I would rather miss a package and have to go pick it up.

…Evan, I have a better suggestion>>> simply do what I do. I ask the person I am trading with or selling to, exactly what shipping details will work for them. The recipient knows best, whether: delivery confirmation or signature confirmation would be the best option; depending on where they live and when they might be home.

Personally, I have Zero problems getting a Yoyo a day later…as opposed to possibly never getting it at all.

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Right, which I’m totally OK with. However, if someone doesn’t request it, I see no reason to include it and make the person go to the post office to get it. Maybe it’s just me though.

As a shipper it’s just as important to cover ones own bum as it is to please your buyer.

Without recorded delivery, all someone has to do is get the yoyo, then come on here and be all “I never received the yoyo, here’s proof of payment” yada yada and then the poor shipper ends up in an awkward situation. Next thing you know some devious fella ends up with a full refund and a free yoyo.

Recorded delivery is an important part in avoiding/deterring scammers. I’d never ship anything without it.

Recorded delivery is different from signature confirmation. Signature confirmation is requiring a signature of the recipient when they get the yoyo, and if they aren’t there when the package comes in the mail they have to go to the post office the next day and pick it up.

They’re one and the same here, pretty much anything above first class post requires a signature.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate having to go to the post office all the time and cue up to get my packages, but if I was a seller I’d definitely want to have myself covered.

Maybe it’s different in the UK, but in the US you have to pay extra for signature confirmation, at least for Priority Mail by USPS.

I’m with you. I hate it when I have to sign for packages. Like I want to sit around my house all day to wait for the mailman, UPS, etc.

You guys must live a hard life. lol :o

I’m nowhere my post office during business hours so I would have to have someone else pick the package up.

i’ve never had to go to the post office to sign.

for me to cover my bum, I just get tracking, I find that good enough… for now anyways.

Or you can, you know sign the notice at leave it at your mailbox and let the guy deliver it.

Tracking is more for the benefit of the seller than the buyer. It shows that the item you sent arrived.

The only reason the mail carrier would leave a notice is because the parcel didn’t fit in your mailbox. A better PSA would be “ship yoyos in as small a box as you safely can.”

No, the note specifically said that it was because I wasnt there for signature confirmation

My bad. I need to read better.