Just a question...

I found a site that is still selling general yo model 10’s

Should i get one?

more specifically an all silver one?

If you want to

Well I mean other than the obvious lol…

I heard they are WICKED smooth… (vibe free)

Super smooth and ‘floaty’.

If you like the Size and Shape, then there is no reason to pass up this one, you won’t be disappointed.

All clear is really classy.

Dude that ones mine… Haha just kidding i would get it If I were you. I was going to be that all clear one but I want to finish my Majesty trio first . By the way does anybody have all three yet I’m buying a pre pro of the new Majesty tomorrow if he still has one left. And then I have to sell my Messiah to buy a 7075. Thus the completed triangle of love.

I will have the Trio when the 2nd run 6061 Pre-Release comes around. I had to turn down the Pre-Pro because I love that General-Yo beadblast… so silky and mmmmm! And you can bet your bottom-dollar that I am chompin’ at the bit to get my hands on it

Yeah, good thing im going to be in chicago or else I couldnt wait for mine in the mail! Also get a Model 10 for sure! YOu will not be dissapointed, I have bought 3 with 1 in the mail.

If you think it looks cool, and you can afford it…

I see no reason not too…