Just a picture of me.

My good friend’s mother took my picture for my senior yearbook photo, this was among the photos we took:



That’s a nice photo.

I’m gonna be honest, I only clicked on this post because I thought it was going to be dumb and I wanted a good laugh. Thanks for proving me wrong. That’s a pretty sick picture.

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Me gusta.

Pretty sick!

This is brilliant! I’m getting my senior pics. And I do a lot of things, such as lacrosse, yoyoing, and some other cool things. I wanted to put yoyoing in it somehow…thanks for the simple idea!

Put a yoyo in your stick!


C’mon dude. Let’s keep it clean in here!

Sorry, it’s like a disease :wink:

Oh you know what he means :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. All of the expensive metals and a Protostar ;D

Haha, you all crack me up…I know what he meant. Maybe I could have it spinning off my stick somehow. My photographer gets paid to be creative and take pictures…so we will work something out I’m sure :wink:

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever been taken so seriously. My bad for not employing emoticons.

My Yeah3 and other metals were at home…

The Protostar is one of the best plastics! It almost deserves to be there!

You better be sorry!!! :wink: I take stick jokes seriously around here!

Kidding man, thanks for the laugh :wink:

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Tried to keep straight face.

Mission failed.

OH my word.

I get it now.

Great pic!

Very stylish!

pretty cool looking

This is a fantastic shot for the yearbook…let’s just take a couple more where we switch out the background.