Senior pictures with my throw

I got my senior pictures taken with my carry around yo-yo and figured I would share with you all.


Nice. I’m really digging the bow tie!



Why didn’t I think of this when I got my senior pics taken >.<


it’s never too late for senior pictures!


I graduated 2 years ago. I suppose I still could take them but there wouldn’t be much of a point :stuck_out_tongue:


Those are sweet!


Haha, really cool idea! I really like how the one of you doing the Eli hops looks. What would be even cooler is if they would put some of them in the yearbook!

({RTD} alecto) #8

I’m graduating next school year that is totally what i’m doing.


I did the same thing! Except most of them weren’t very good shots, just taken at the wrong time. I got some nice ones of slack tricks though


Metal Drifter? In that first picture, how long is your string? :smiley:

Great pictures


dude, that’s badass.