senior pics

i have my senior pics comin up next week and i wasthinking if i get a rly kool pic trick down i can be doin it in one of my shots any kool pic tricks i can learn

This is the trick right there

Enjoy :smiley:

Ill be doing the same thing this summer, but with one of my own tricks

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I just did a heart in 1 or 2 of mine.

idk how to make a heart do u know a good tut

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Haha, mine are coming up too, i also need a trick. I was thinking just like a green triangle, simple, yet elegant.


I think it should count


Crude humor?

Honestly I’m one of those people that prefer a picture in action. Try to do a Mickey Jump over the yo-yo so the yearbook guy will take a pic.

thnx for the tuts guyz i learned hearrt and am working on pacman ;D

wht is a mickey hump i might try that for a pic

Here’s one my friend made up, called “Memorial Tower.”