March 2012-Stick It. Click It. Send It. Win!

I thought I would start this contest this month 'cause nobody else did. ;D

Just some custom modding I did to a sign.



Very nice! :wink:

Thanks for starting the thread for March too!

Its Chuck Norris!!! Please Vote!! Thanks!!!
PS, Chuck Norris’s birthday was March 10. That’s why I used this pic specially for March ;D

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this is my entry !! ;D ;D ;D VOTE

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vote please :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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yoing forever and ever

Biggest yo-yo ever seen!

I tagged a public transportation bus but forgot didn’t have the time to get a pic. Now I must wait till I find that same bus!

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That’s funny. :wink:

Good luck finding it.


Stuck Yo-Yo Expert to my prosthetic leg. When kids ask me what happened I usually tell them I lost my leg in a shark attack surfing off the coast of Australia. Now I can say I was climbing in the himalayas and a boulder fell on my; leg I had to use my yoyo string as a tourniquet.


That is awesome!! Welcome Elder yoyoer!

I love the fact that your age or look doesn’t matter anyone can throw :slight_smile:

You are my hero.

3YO3’s entry!

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I made this awesome Perler Bead thing with my bro! It was fun!

You have received… YoyoeXpert!


How do you put up the pictures and also where can you get stickers. Could you just print a logo off the computer and tape that somewhere

You get one sticker every time you order from yoyo expert [this site].

I’m not ordering another thing just for some sticker. Is there any other way you could get one.

No. I don’t believe so.

Mine too