Just a fun mod.

I had some Phenomizm rings lying around so I decided to put them on my SpeedMaker. Surprisingly, there is no wobble, and unsurprisingly, there is a vibe. This thing is a BEAST at 89grams!!

Here is the cut.

The finished product.

I wish I had phenomizm rings lol

Where did you get the PHENOMizm rings?

The yoyo broke.

Well, at least it got a new job.

New challenge, put the solid spin inserts into the speedmaker. (Just kidding)

Write thats really well done. Does the string ever get caught in that little lip ?

Nah, didn’t happened yet.

would u sell it

DOes it perform well? How did u do it.

Is that an actual drill mod? If so the you are da man!

Modfather i think he is challange you. You should try it!!!

Yeah lol.

89 grams? Wow.

The result look really nice, and BTW, I got the same color speed maker too.

Perry is an awesome modder. I don’t yet understand why everyone thinks that he’s the only one that can mod like this. I mean people like Mark Allen, Kyle Weems, Skon, Me, Skip Mitton, Luke Vader, and so many others are just as good if not better.

Perry this was not a jab at you in any way. You know that.

All those people you listed are still much better than me at modding, including you. And don’t forget Landon Balk. :slight_smile:

did you do this with a lathe?

Read this…

You know i think you can get rings almost exactly like the real phenomizm rings by ordering the qixia champion. (cheap Chinese knock off)