Introducing Rocket Rings! Just a fun little project.

I was messing around in the shop tonight and ran across a FHZ that I had cut down a while back. It had a mad vibe to it, so my thoughts were to SPR it

Oh no! Looks like the recess is way too big!! Never fear!

I put a thin silicone o-ring in the ‘gap’ between the SPR and the yoyo. I pushed them down far enough that they wouldn’t serve as a response of any kind. The result is sort of a small shmoove ring. I call 'em Rocket Rings! Whaddaya think? FHZ plays great now. Just like it should

The happy couple together!

This may have been done before. If it has, I haven’t seen it. Don’t know it there’s anything to it, but it should help reduce vibe.

Discuss / criticize, etc.

It sorta looks like it would eliminate vibe because the rings cushion or shock-absorb movement. I dunno if that makes sense, but is that correct?

Yeah, it seems like it gives the SPR a nice tight fit. Looks good. :slight_smile:

does that cause the fh to take C bearings?


…And Rice, as always you blow my mind!!! I’m going to have to pinch my pennies soon and get something modded from you soon.

wait, is this chris rice’s mod? i was going to say i need a modded fh0 by you and then yesterday i (finally) got the one from string burn live a few weeks back.

if this isn’t chris rice, then i do infact look like an idiot right now.

yes it is

Ha ha. Yep, it’s me! Glad you finally got the FHZ from SBL.

Thanks for the kind words guys. I want to do a little more experimenting with this set up. It is kind of strange. It has a ‘sweet spot’. Too loose=vibe. Too tight=vibe. Just right=just right!