Large bearing Omnicron and a reshaped large bearing FHZ

Just had a little work to finish up tonight in the shop. The Omnicron was sent to me by St. Jimmy. He did an awesome dye job on it. I mean the pictures just don’t do it justice! It had a bit of a vibe, so Landon sent me some One Drop nuts that he’s been using, hoping that that would calm the vibe down. While it did help a little, the Born Crucial SPR calmed it the rest of the way down. It has just a very light vibe on the string. Something akin to a stock FHZ. Maybe a tad less than this. All in all, it came out great! I almost hate to pass it on, but alas, the dye job and the SPR recessing were ordered up by chief_bignut! This one’s heading to Texas in the morning!!

And this FHZ was BC SPR’d with a light reshaping and polished back up to the original shine! Heading out to justink1025 in the morning.


WOW! That’s about all I can say!

That omnicron looks awesome

The first reminds me of a protostar! Thats amazing!