Journey to learning horizontal. BABY STEPS!


So I decided this week that I’m gonna finally sit down and learn how to throw horizontal.

I can do the stuff in Jensen’s “basics of sideways yoyoing” video, but I’m inconsistent. Maybe I’ll land it well 4 times out of 10. Other times, I miss hitting the string for the bind or as the yoyo is binding it comes back messy causing a bunch of tangled strings to bunch-up in the catch zone.

I suspect that this might have to do with the fact that when I’m binding, my hands kind of go into different horizontal planes. My binding hand kind of goes down while my throwing hand stays high, causing the yoyo to “UFO” a bit on return – if that makes any sense.

But I think I’m getting there. ANYWAYS, 2 things I wanted to say/ask. Hopefully this is in the right section. If not, Mods, I apologize.

  1. I decided to start learning with the Code 2 (comparing profiles with my Overdrive, it kind of looks like a smaller, but heavier Overdrive – which is cool because I hear the Overdrive is good for horizontal). And I also understand that jrod designed the Code 2 to excel in horizontal and counterweight. So far, I’ve got absolutely no complaints. It works great to learn on. (The protostar I recently got in a trade isn’t half bad for horizontal either)

  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for what trick to learn next? I’m looking at some Youtube videos and the tricks they do seem quite a bit up from Jensen/Rethinkyoyo’s sideways banana turnover. And on the forums, you always see people recommending skin the gerbil, but that’s quite a few steps from banana turnover too.

So, I’m talking baby steps here. What do I do after I get this perfect? Horizontal Lindy Loop (or double-on trapeze, is it?) and Horizontal Trapeze and his Brother seem like viable choices for the next step. Anything else?

In short, what would be an actual beginner horizontal trick?


When I started learning horizontal I skipped the banana turn over, I just went right into it. At first I learned to land on trapeze and bind somewhat consistantly, then I started trying to do skin the gerbil. Most of the time I failed on it so I practiced each step of it and put it all together.
Oh and this trick is fun to do on horizontals.