Johnny T

Johnny T, please send me my yoyo.

Until I get it, this is a warning to anybody out there. As far as I can tell, this guy is a scammer. I traded my SE Dark Magic for his Dark Magic with a 10 ball. This was in early July. I still haven’t gotten mine, but he has gotten his (on time).

If you do want to trade with him, HE MUST SEND FIRST! But I would highly recommend just staying away from trading with him.


I agree. We once traded and I didn’t get my item until a week and a half after we traded.

Thanks, Now I know not to trade with him.

I have a se dark magic it is great for grinds

                                                       your friend

lego z

No ofence, but that was completely unnecesary and off topic.

The first time I traded with Johnny T, I was flattered, the service was very good. Then he wanted to but Elements, he claimed to have been the first buyer, so he could get the prize, and it too him about 2 weeks until he sent the money, by then, I had already had several buyers…

If you haven’t already, PM him on all the boards, E-Mail him, and PM him on YouTube. His username is either Johnny T or L3adrine5, and he’s raika12345 on YouTube.

Hear hear! But I doubt the guy will answer to pm if he’s that sneaky and devious lol but this is no laughing matter that is cruel… He is a discrace to this site a mockery a sham a crook I hope he chokes on his own 10 ball!

Umm wow.

One good thing with everything though is that he has stayed in contact.

haha overkill sorry it’s just that it happened to me once ( not with yoyos) and I pretty much said the same thing…

Yea, I once traded with him. I was trading my 888 for his Superstar. My 888 had a couple of scratches and he claimed that his was mint. So he wanted me to throw in some extras, so I did. And when I got it, the inter lip anno was completely gone and it had two huge scuffs on it and some smaller ones. I told him about it and he was trying to say that the postal service did it, but I am not an idiot. Then he tried to say that I lied when I told him it was an 09 888; he said it was an 08. And that is complete crap.

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