JohnCharles is a scammer


we were trading for my chief for his bip bop arctic circle and when i recieved the package i contained a freehand 2


thats not a scam…you still got a yoyo :wink:

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Hmm… could we maybe have some more info? You only have two posts and 0 feedback, so I’m guessing he was just being cautious by sending you something cheap to see if you actually sent. It wasn’t cool of him, but I guess it’s possible.


FYI you accidentally put positive feedback on him. Good luck getting your stuff back. I really hope it’s successful.


Looks like the guy has done it twice.

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Where is his profile lol? I cant find it.


Looks like Cartman wasn’t the only one scammed.;u=23041


I was scammed as well. I started a thread but oddly recieved hate for it so I deleted it


This guy apparently lives in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.
Does anyone here know this guy?


his name is anthony bigaldi
i looked up the address on white pages turns out there is like 8 people in that house


Very possible. He never signed his name on the package I got and always offered to himself by his username as if it was his actual name.

The good old days!