Jhauxfan YoYo Display Board Review

Jhauxfan YoYo Display Board Review

First Impressions
Many of you have seen the photos YYE forum member Jhauxfan posted of the display boards he made, and sold online. I have amassed a multitude of throws recently, and I have been considering storage and display options. I came across the photos of the display boards, which were posted on the forum, and my instant observation was that they are simplistic, yet classy, and with natural wood, can match any environment. I decided to order one, to try a new display option that looked the part, but also to encourage Jhauxfan’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit. I think that we should encourage and support others when we have the means to do so. At the reasonable price of $15, or two for $25, I decided to give it a try.

I paid via Paypal, which is a convenient and reliable method. Jhauxfan quickly messaged me regarding shipping and tracking. I received the display board in the mail within two days, due to the Priority mail shipment. I opened the box, the item was well packed, and included the board itself, the wooden pegs that attach to the board, and a courtesy string which is always a nice deal sweetner, especially when it is unexpected. The pegs were in a separate tiny zip-lock style bag, and the board required very minimal assembly. I just fit the pegs in the holes on the board and whoala, in ten seconds the board was complete. It was clear that the pegs fit snug in the holes, and I was confident that the board would be sturdy, and the pegs would not come loose.

After I set the display board on a shelf, I rocked it back and forth and it was level, not wobbling on the shelf, and it was apparent that some care was taken during sanding to avoid an unstable product. I decided to model some throws on the display board to see what it would look like. I chose the following throws as models:

YoyoJam Trinity, grey
YoyoJam Dark Magic, black
YYF Catalyst, blue gold splash
YYF Popstar
One Drop Dietz, Nickel plated
One Drop Markmont Next, Nickel plated
Tom Kuhn RD1
Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine
ILYY St. Eel
3yo3 Cosmo
3yo3 Omnicron

The display board fit all of the throws comfortably, which means that none of them were too big or small to fit on the board. The board displayed larger throws, undersized throws, and pocket size throws equally well. Jhauxfan stated that the wood is Pine, which seems to match any color throw you want to display on it. He also stated that the surface can be easily stained or painted. I found a way to display four throws on the display board, less stable, but still suitable.

Overall Assessment
I would recommend this display board to anyone looking to display their throws in their home or office, in a way that is simplistic, and classy, and in a way that is safe (will not subject them to damage). The price is right, and Jhauxfan has been a man of his word from the sales pitch, through the shipping process. The display board is a great looking item, as you can see, and I believe I got my money’s worth with this purchase. My only suggestions would be that Jhauxfan give the display board a name of it’s own, perhaps brand the name on the back of the board somehow, and offer a few stained options for those who want to match their home or office décor. I will be purchasing more than one of these for my home, and currently, it is displayed in the finished basement of my home, which is used as a family room. This board is highly recommended, so please support a fellow forum member on his job well done.

Enjoy the pics of the throws modeling on the board…click thumbnails to see a close up.