YYR Draupnir, Review (My first) Fast Review

Hi guys, Grayden Here.

Today I will be reviewing the YoyoRecreation Draupnir. This yoyo costs 200+ (The price changes quite a bit) They sell out quickly (vey quickly) so get one now! ;D

Diameter 57MM
Width 43MM
Weight 63.5G
Response LargeSlim 1.1mm or 0.9mm
Bearing SizeC (6.35x12.7x4.762)

First looks:
Boy, this box is simple but stylish. Opening the box however was not much protection. My YYR Six I got in the haul had better protection for a 125 dollar yoyo (Will be reviewing too). But I thought this yoyo was going to be allot bigger. Its a normal sized yoyo, but I don’t know why but I thought It would be larger.

Rate 4/5 (The yoyo itself is amazing, just the level of protection in the box.)

First throw:
My first throw with the yoyo felt different than most yo-yos. It just had a fantastic feel, great sound coming from it and a great sleep time (6-10m with a great throw.) Its not heavy, zippy and fast this yoyo is amazing. When I first picked it up it felt heavy but by the time I threw it, that changed.

Rate 10/10

Would I recommend it?
Definitely Its quite an investment but it is great!

This is my first review! Thanks!


I suggest you delete the link to the other shop :wink:

As far as I’m concerned I find YYR cardboard to be a better protection than what they used to use, less bling-bling, yet more effective keeping the yoyo from moving in the box.

Heavy? That’s weird, I think it’s one of the lightest throws I’ve owned. Yes it’s solid, but I definitely wouldn’t say ‘heavy’.

Thank you though, it’s always nice to have some feedback :slight_smile:

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I edited, thanks. :slight_smile: it is my first review

I actually agree that it feels heavy, but that’s before a throw. When out of your hands, its like a cloud on a string.

First of all nice review.
Haha it’s funny because I also expected my Draupnir to be bigger than it was. However it must have been an illusion because it doesn’t feel small or even look that small now. I’ve only thrown mine for ~10 mins because I have to wait until Christmas to officially play with it but I was impressed.

That sucks that you have to wait! But it’s something to look forward too!