Display Board

I’ve got a BST thread here on YYE that’s getting a lot of traffic and comments. I am hoping that this post will be a better place for discussion or input instead of posting on the BST board.
Here’s a link to the display thread. http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,35980.0.html

I’ve had a lot of great input and appreciate the attention.

The main reason I’ve decided to make the stands smaller is shipping cost. I hate to pay to ship a block of wood across the country for more that the materials that I have into the project. Some point out that they are very simple and can be made by going to Home Depot. EXACTLY how I do it. All wood was bought there! Feel free to design and make your own.

While I’ve made many for myself, it was board member Jrodriguez that inspired me to put them up for sale. He and I traded a while back and I threw in a stand as an “extra.” He asked if I would be interested in sending more. So I did. A number of others had got them in trades with me as well.

I’m really wanting to see if I can get something larger in the works. I just need to get the shipping figured out. I want to keep the design simple and keep the focus on the yoyos.

As they say “Stay Tuned.”
Thanks, Scott in KC

This makes me want to try making something like this…

I really like that look, I mean if it holds 9-12 yoyo’s, then that would be perfect! I have a desk, that has a riser in the left diagonal corner that is meant for a monitor, but could easily fit a picture frame, or a yoyo display that is the same width as the one pictured. I would totally be up for buying one if you could make the manipulated version totalartist put together. I wouldn’t think it would be much harder, it’s pretty much the same exact thing. Thanks, and let me know if you decide to do it. I can also see your paint about the art taking away from the yoyo’s, especially with the manipulated version, it pretty much covers up everything anyways, and you want to just show off the yoyo’s, but only being able to hold 2, like the original just isn’t for everyone. I would use them to display/hold my mint yoyo’s I have. Also, would it be possible for you to make little sleeves out of foam for the wood pegs, that way they don’t accidentally scratch any of the yoyo’s? Thanks, and let me know.