Jet set EC hubs unscrewing during play

I recently gt a Jet Set EC for Hanukah and I just love how it plays. When I got it it was completely smooth and had no problems. Recently during play one of the green hubs popped off. I easily screwed it back in. A little later the other side popped off a hub. Even when I screw it in and tighten it they just keep on popping off and unscrewing during play. I’m afraid to use it because I’m scared that they will unscrew and I will lose them. Please help.

Also if anyone knows how to contact yoyocommunity please message me. There email they have on their site doesn’t seem to work.

Whenever I have a problem with something unscrewing during yo-yo play, loctite is usually a good candidate for the solution. Check it out and see if that would help.

Al i have is super glue. will that work? also do i apply it to the actual threads that the hub screw into or to the place where the hub and the yoyo will touch (the area on the hub right next to the threads

Yes, a small drop should be sufficient. Super glue is actually not all that strong on metal as it doesn’t penetrate the surface.

Do I put it on the thread of the hub or on the plastic where the hub screws onto

Probably either one will work ok.

Just tried it and it worked like a charm. I put a small drop of the super glue on a piece of paper then pressed the hub onto the dot just enough to get some glue on the outside of it. Then i screwed the hub in and pressed on it for a minute. After that i took a pin and scraped around the hub to get the excess glue off. Now its as smooth as when i irst got it and the hubs stay on! Thanks guys