Jensen kimmitt haters

i want to know who still likes Jensen Kimmitt. I dont understand why a lot of people i know are hating on him just because he left yoyofactory. I know this probably sounds like spam but im just wondering.

I don’t recall haters. All there was were people that were confused.

People still do like him. Plus, him quiting is an old topic as it has not been touched upon for 4 months, when he did quit.

i still love his style,but i feel kinda bad for him.if you seen his cal state
performence youd know what i mean,he looks ill,depressed,and sad.
he belongs on clyy :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, it’s a good thing he’s back on the caribou lodge team, he can play to relax again

I don’t know if he yoyos anymore though. Now he’s totally out of the scene and there’s no way to reach him. Plus he didn’t go to BAC which he usually does. But I don’t really know.

Come up with a better topic name and I may unlock it.

Nah, come up with a better topic…

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