Jensen Kimmitt and his first place routine!

Check this out:

If you look here, you can see all of the winners:

Yeah I know but for some reason I can’t see Bryan Figueroa and I just heard that CLYW has just started the plans for the Wooly Marmot!

Yeah. Also, CLYW is starting up a Junior Team.

What’s that?

They are making a team for younger yoyoers. They now sponsor young players.

I think Andrew Bergen will get sponsored anytime soon. :wink:


I’m pretty sure he is sponered by Werred.

I think.

Oh. He’s really good for a 12 year old.

im not a fan of andrew bergen, in my opinion he is just another yoyo player who tries to copy yukki spencer, and there are a lot of them and it really pisses me off, dont get me wrong, i love yukki’s style, but i like it when HE does it, not anyone else

I really don’t think he is lie Yuuki at all. If you look at his newest video, is nothing like Yuuki. Also, I hate it when people think Sebby copy him as well. Under the legs isnt Yuuki’s thing, and crossed arm things isnt either.


wow the only thing new ive seen in that video wat the fact that his yo was side ways other than that the combo looks like its been used before