Jensen Kimmitt - Ghost

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Top notch stuff man
Having fun yet? :wink:

I think its time for an electric jesus tutorial… ;D


Now thats insane fast :o
If he performs like that next worlds hes gonna pwn all…

That was sweet and is that a woowly markmont I see

that is INCREDIBLE, how did you get the yoyo to come off at the end?

this mess is SICK! I’m not sure i can even think that fast much less throw…i think i might have to take a trip to worlds this year!

wooly marmot, the markmont is a different yoyo.
btw, nice video.

Woolly Markmont is this yoyo.

Not anymore…

Onedrop and clyw are doing a collab called the woowlymarkmont

That’s a really insane combo! Maybe I can try it… 8)

Happy Throwing! =]

Epic, I loved it, I had to slow it down to understand it, but I totally loved it. Jensen keep it up, maybe if you keep competing some day I will make it to worlds, I would love to shake your hand.

Man that was insane. deleted Great combo! That was so legit man.

[b]EDIT: Please keep that stuff in the thread dedicated to that. Clean break here.


o_o i want one!

i know how jensen do the bind i mean last trick > it some think called go yo yoyo in my countre they sell it . it is mean when you do a trick and want to bind it the yoyo is desmount the string out . when i found the video . i will bost it

this is the video have fun

Actually that isn’t what Jensen is doing. From my perspective I think he is untying/ loosening the slipknot from his finger before the bind and then releasing it as he binds. So you kinda got it backwards the yoyo doesn’t leave the string, the string leaves your finger. But on another note the yoyo video you posted is a cool concept for a 4a yoyo.

I never got to learn it :’(

how come i cant see it?