JENSEN is guest @ $4000.00 per ticket conference Monterey Ca

Yes, you read it right $4000. per ticket JENSEN was invited to attend with many other guests to show his talent (world yoyo champ) and talk about his life. This is great publicity for the yoyo community GOOGLE WWW.THE-EG.COM for information Wish I could be with him (grampa)

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4000 dollars per ticket you say? Wow. This is amazing.

wow that’s so cool I hope this helps people to understand yoyoing and the benefits it has for people and that every one can learn how to use them. :slight_smile: We wish you look and to have a great time there Jensen!

Routing for you man! Ian All I can say is SICK and good luck to him!

The one time something somewhat interesting happens in Monterey it costs $4000 -_-



lol i was looking around on that site and pablos holman is a god

A lot of incredibly talented people! Congrats Jensen!

Being around that group of people is very impressive. I like the fact that they discredit no one. they go from a physicist to a yoyoer. That’s class.

I don’t see the difference. :wink:

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