Pre-yoyoing fail

So I’m visiting my home town of Edmonton Canada(you all know who lives there) before i could yoyo. I was hungry so i decided to go to McDonald’s. Well when i walked in guess who i saw. JENSEN KIMMITT! But i was not excited at the time because i was not yet introduced into the world of yoyoing. If i would have known who he was at the time i would have freaked out. i now recognize his face and i will always remember that moment. EPIC FAIL!!

That would be horrible.

it was

Same thing happened to me a few years ago with Mark Montgomery… He tried to sell me the Markmont next for 80 dollars and I denied him because I said it was to expensive… I will forever regret that moment…

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ve had an experience like that because I wasn’t aware of modern yoyoing until I watched a youtube video a year ago.
A Markmont next for $80. Oh my…

if you weren’t introduced to the world of yo-yoing how did you even know who Jensen Kimmit was?

He knows now that it was Jensen because he remembers the guy’s face, but he didn’t know who it was then. That’s why he regrets it.

Funny you should post this! I was yoyoing at the beach in Lincoln city Oregon and a guy came up to me in a Canada hat and was talking to me about yoyoing. I didn’t know who he was at the time but I’m pretty sure now it was Jensen kimmit. Oh the missed opportunities!

I can’t say I have any pre-yoyoing fails. But, being blissfully ignorant and not really paying attention, all I can say is:

Before I got into this “for reals” in May of 2011, I would say anything over $20 for a yoyo would have been “insanely stupid”. How can one convince someone with little to no knowledge why a yoyo should cost so much? Basically, you can try to explain it but they won’t be able to really comprehend unless they choose to get into it.

Now I’m routinely paying in the neighborhood of $100 for a yoyo and not really questioning it.
(I off-set this buy buying cheap on BST and some inexpensive plastics!) Met a bunch of amazing players at CalStates, hope to meet a few more at BAC. I gotta say, my overall happiness has been boosted by the yoyo being integrated into my life.

A brand new Markmont next for 80$ from Markmont himself… :’(

Well, I havnt done anything like that, but a friend of mine met Steve nash, got his signature, and completely ignored Amare Stuadimire, who was standing next to him… I suck at spelling names… :stuck_out_tongue: