Jazz-Yo Saturn

I know it was just released, but somebody that got one needs to write a review when it comes. Also, I know some people get annoying when a new yoyo is compared to another one (i.e. shape and size) but doesn’t it look like a narrow Catch 22? It has that same evenly angled inside part.

The Jazz-Yo saturn should not be looked at as a yo-yo, but as a different type of skill toy. As a Yo-Yo it is pretty bad. As a skill toy it is a lot of fun. That being said, if you can’t afford to break it, and not be sad, you probably have no place owning it. One decent hit on the ground and your saturn could be in many many small pieces. It is what it is, and that is a unique concept, but in execution you should know it isn’t a fool proof mass market consumer durable item.

That’s very true. For those interested, I did actually find a video of someone using it. http://www.vimeo.com/5472270

Ahh. Jazz-yo has a very bad reputation too.

to throw it wouldent u have to have ur hands not toching the sides?


I can barely understand what you’re saying.

No. You could just have a finger in the middle part of the yoyo and still throw it. You would just have to make sure you weren’t holding only onto the rims.

o i was confused

it wouldn’t matter if your hands touched any part of the yoyo when you throw it. The string will still unwind and the yoyo will still spin. Now when you catch it in your hand, then that’s a different story. Its like hubstacks on the rims.

Um, is this design anything close to a synergy? Or did yyj drop that design.

Same concept, but totally different design