has this yoyo come out yet

(Marvin.D) #1


im not posotive but i think the prototype came out and they had to fix some of the problems before they could put it in production. but i do not think the idea has died.
i remember the problem being that you couldnt throw it like a regular yoyo due to slippage problems.
correct me if im wrong.


It is one of yoyojam’s yoyos. A few prototypes were sold at world’s 08. for more information go to http://yoyowiki.org/wiki/YoYoJam_Synergy this is where i found the information. Hope I helped!

(JonasK) #4

The Synergy had lots of problems. the energy needed to restart the rims slows the yoyo down a lot. JAZZ-YO are making the Saturn which is a metal yoyo with 80 ceramic balls on each rim. The sleep times aren’t that much better than expected.

(SR) #5

I remember seeing that video on youtube. I think it would have died by now, but who knows?

(Jesse) #6

That’s insane! I would hope that YoyoJam releases them sometime, that would be great!


It looks like a great yoyo. I just hope they can work out all the kinks, hopefully soon. Does anybody know what the exact problems they are having with it are?

(JonasK) #8

The bold basically means that you can grab the rims, but as soon as you release them, the yoyo will slow down a lot. A LOT! And the play wasn’t too great either from what I’ve heard.


That’s really the only problem? I guess the way I just worded that sounds like not a major problem but I know it is because that is somewhat trying to overcome physics.

(JonasK) #10

I guess the overall play of it just wasn’t any good at all. Then it’s easier to just buy synergies and have some fun with those.


What Pheenix said.

But really, no.


Well somehow they need to make the rim and bearing for the rim very very very very light and that would at least help that problem.


I played one last year at Worlds and hated it. You cant even throw it like a regular yoyo, I mean, you CAN but it doesnt work well. Basically its made for rip- starting, which is what you would have to do everytime…


Jazz-Yo just released the Saturn…

Looks hauntingly similar. (cooler, but similar.)

(SR) #15

That looks awesome.