yyj synergy


the yoyojam synergy was only released at worlds a couple of years ago the only run produced was a prototype run. it is just amazing when yo can pop it up and have it spin verticaly in your hand
it is about 2.5 times heavier thanm the average yoyo due to the fact that there are two huge bearing in each of the rims because the rims also spin
watch this you will see what i mean

the only reason that they never released an actual run is because of the fact that they could not get all the vibe out
made of plastic
pleas reply and tell me how my review is
so it came in the color of the one in the video and the one i own is clear rims and dark green

if you can get your hands on one i would say to get it because it is a lot of fun and it RARE


I noticed that you just recently posted three short reviews. It would have been better if you had made one longer review that is more in depth with more attention to detail. Also, proper grammar goes a long way.


ok thank you i will try to do better i am still kind of new to this so


Please use punctuation. It makes it a lot easier to see what you intended to say.