I hear about a new YoYo From YYJ called the “Synergy.” I can’t find it anywhere! Does it even exist?
Does anyone have it? I’d love to hear about it. ;D

I have one. It is only in prototype stage and needs A LOT of work.

any pics please?

It has side caps that are sort of like hubstacks, but as I understand you can hold the entire cap. I hear its quite wobble-y and vibey and stuff or something. Information on it is relatively scarce.

Here’s a link i found with some info:

Eh. What’s to say?

It’s poorly balanced.

The idea of the whole cap being a bearing is nice but it leads to a feeling of the yoyo not even spinning.

It doesn’t spin for very long.

You can hold the whole cap and even set the yoyo down on the ground and it will still spin as if nothing is happening.

etc. etc. etc.

Thanks For all the Info. 8)