does anyone have the synergy

The only person I know who does is Runnen, but he doesn’t come here anymore. He’s on the Nation, but I doubt he will let his go. I doubt anyone who has one will let it go. YoYoJam is actually working on new ones, the prototypes had many issues. Anyways, sorry if this post was competely useless to you, but good luck getting one!

No i dont have this yoyo but here is some info.

A few prototypes were sold at Worlds 08. It tries to counter the hub stacks used by YoYoFactory by adding large ball bearings in the halves and mounting plastic rims onto them. The result is a yo-yo that can be grabbed during play, not just at the axles, but at the outer rim. This makes a whole new range of tricks possible, as is demonstrated in the following video:

Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Butterfly
Material Plastic with metal weight
Bearing size Large YoYoJam ©
It is 81 grams
Response system Recessed silicone

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He has one
In my opinion it a great yoyo for a collection but not for playing

New Breed…

81 grams :o DANG