YYJ Synergy

Does anyone know what happened to the YoyoJam Synergy? I read that a few prototypes were sold at the '08 Worlds, and that they were discontinued.

They look awesome too…

I think I remember someone saying something about this long long ago. I think YYJ is still looking for ways to improve it, but its not a dead idea. (I think Andre said this or something, but my memory fails.)

Yup, yyj was trying to figure out how to improve the synergy
you couldnt throw it like a regular yoyo because it would slip…

excactly they said that it wasnt that good for tricks mostly only the ones involving the synergy moves

Okay. I just wish I had a chance to try out that prototype. It would’ve been a lot of fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why don’t we put down some ideas on improving the Synergy? Write down what you think will make this yo-yo play better.

There were a bunch that went up for sale over at YoYoguy. I had one for a while, it was… Well it wasn’t for me.
Although, It was fun for 4a. You didn’t have to chase it down when you missed.

The new Jazz-Yo seems to use a simular concept

Except Jazz-yo has a terribly bad reputation.

I almost bought one…

They were released at Worlds 2008, selling Synergy prototypes.

They had terribly bad flaws, and YYJ took them back to re-structure them, and re-design them.

Hopefully they’ll be back in production soon.

Jazzyo is working on something very similar.

despite their ruined reputation (from the “shield”), this yoyoing looks quite good and might bring them back to a respectable company.

no, just no. already from the 2 reviews that have come out it looks horrible, runs out of spin really fast, the slightest bang on the floor will make the balls from the bearing fall out. there is just fail written all over it.

also, the synergy is a good idea, it didn’t play half bad either but it just needed some improvement and i really hope yoyojam brings it into production soon with those improvements.