Wait wha? Synergy Rims!!!!

As I was surfing the web, I found website talking about Synergy RIMS not Caps. RIMS. I was compelled to find out what they did and how they played. Heres a youtube video. This is the yoyo called the Synergy. It features the Synergy Rims.

Amazing. I don’t think its out yet. If it is I must have missed something…

Yeah, these protos were sold at nats before they came out with Synergy caps. I think the Synergy idea is dead. It didnt prove good for actual yoyo play, which is why they never came out with it.

Aw…I would have loved the idea of synergy rims. :’( If only I could lay my hands on one of they rare synergy yoyos…

Before they were sold at nats they were sold at worlds. I snagged one. It’s no good if you throw it down but when you pull start it everytime It’s fun.

Must be great! To an extent.

They should maybe try selling the rims seperatly instead of only on yoyos. It would be pretty cool to do some of those tricks in the video once and a while.

They sold over at YYG a while back. There might be a rare one off BST… Sorry cross-posting but isnt Andre part of Infinate Illusions? The people that run YYG?


These look so fun!

They would have to redesign every yoyo they produce. They won’t do that.

I recommend to you a superstar with z-stacks. Not quite the same thing but the closest thing to it. (significantly better, in my opinion.)

That makes sense, and thanks for the suggestion I might go out and look for one. ;D

Any yoyo with Z-stacks really.

I may post up my hubstack mod to make the catch zone as large as the yoyo.

Yes, André is part of Infinite Illusions pro team, but I don’t think he has something do to with running the store itself.

Nope. Don’t think he’s working with the store itself.

Dude, thats a bummer. I wish YYJ would have come out with those instead of Synergy Caps. We already have hubstacks!

We already have hubstacks!
I know it would be way cooler if these came out,I dont even like synergy caps.

Well the idea of it is nice. But if you play it, it isn’t very good. The yoyo needs a lot of work.