I saw a demo on yutube of the yoyojam Synergy, the end said coming soon. It still hasn’t come whats the deal?

They were realesed at worlds, but they didn’t serve actual yoyo play. YYJ is working on a better version.

Yeah. YoYoGuy has them on his website, but YYJ said they are fixing flaws in it because of the rims and the yoyo is a problem. :wink:

Basically they haven’t worked out all the kinks. I have asked André and he said it was also for other resins which he didn’t tell me. Later.

Keep it spinning™

I hope they make some. That would be so awesome to have, but I bet that with having such big bearings it might be kind of easy to squeeze them a little too hard and slow them down but I’m sure they thought of that and many other problems. Hope it comes here =)

Yeah but those were the prototypes i want the acual synergy lol

How is it made right now? I was thinking of making the rim hollow-ish, putting balls there, and covering it, like a giant bearing.

Thats basically it. Its like there is a huge bearing, that is the size of the rim of the yoyo, and the plastic rim thing is on that huge bearing.

The problems are…

Probably some problems that any yoyo has before going into production, whether it be a slight design flaw (example: somebody was making a yoyo with flat rims and spikes, but there was some scientific harmonics or something going on and so it had a huge vibe. not a common problem but the same idea) or just a machining error or something.
Correct me if I’m wrong, anybody.

It doesn’t sleep well, because of the bearing weighing it down. I think they are trying to improve the bearing.

And it feels weird, the yoyo is just floating there, as if its not spinning.

I think there are balance problems too.