Anyone know of good material for learning Japanese… Preferably with budget pricing…


torrenting japanese rosetta stone?


Bad move. Rosetta Stone monitors their software like hawks, they could like catch him and either report to his ISP or take him to court out right.

There are lots of online resources that teach the fundamentals, though some are more accurate than others. There are also tons of books that teach it rather well.

I personally suggest Ultimate Japanese (Beginner-Intermediate), The Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, The Handbook of Japanese Verbs, and Modern Japanese Vocabulary.

Lastly, if you’re serious about learning it then you need to immerse yourself into the experience. Spend time everyday talking in Japanese. Best of luck. :slight_smile:


Swim across the ocean. End up in Japan. See you in 5 years. Tell me how it went.

Warning: watch out for sharks!


yeah the best way to learn is to be in an environment where that is the only language used. I’m taking intro to Japanese right now, and once a week we have a 50 minute session where another person comes in and english is not allowed. I find that more useful than the other 4 classroom hours I have of regular teaching a week


Im learning Chinese, and English isn’t allowed in the classroom. It actually helps, cause we always want to talk. ::slight_smile:


Well… It seems my best options are swimming to Japan, or buying Rosetta stone…
My friends in Japan, see you in five years lol


Just because Rosetta Stone is so popular doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. People learn differently and I’ve used RS for 1 language now, while 2 other languages I simply decided to use inexpensive books and online resources.

Lastly. A hint. Find out if someone you know works for Rosetta Stone… you can get a wicked discount if they buy the software for you.